Enter the posted/statutory value (miles per hour) as XX.


The posted/statutory speed limit for the motor vehicle at the time of the crash. The authorization may be indicated by the posted speed limit, blinking sign at construction zones, etc.


This element is important for evaluation purposes (even though the speed of the motor vehicle at the time of the crash may differ significantly from the authorized speed limit).



Should the posted speed limit or the work zone modified speed limit be used?

The work zone speed limit takes precedence.

Data Quality Audit Results

Report TypeCompleteIncomplete
Local Police (electronic)17047.5%18852.5%
Local Police (paper)17047.4%18952.6%
State Police (electronic)32597.3%92.7%

While it was not possible to determine whether the Speed Limit field is consistent with the rest of the report (due to lack of other fields to compare it to) the field was only completed in 63 percent of the reports reviewed. Furthermore, there was considerable variation among police agency types. Of the reports reviewed, this field was completed by State Police more than 97 percent of the time. For local police, both paper and electronic reports had this field completed only 47 percent of the time.