Use this area to describe what happened prior to, during, and after the crash. It should contain pertinent facts and information that can be used with the diagram to describe the complete crash event. Do not include personal identifying information, or attach supplemental narratives.


This space is provided for entry of an appropriate text description of the crash occurrence as investigated by the officer.


As nearly every crash scene contains unique aspects or circumstances, the investigating officer’s narrative description of observed events provides crucial additional information that cannot be captured in designated text fields.

Notes on Use:

  • Vehicles should be referred to by number, provided that the vehicle numbers are coincidental with vehicle numbers displayed in the diagram and motor vehicle numbers as designated on the Motor Vehicle Information sheet(s).
  • The crash should be described as the investigator believes, through examination of all relevant evidence that it occurred.
  • Always include basic crash synopsis, less common crash characteristics, additional location information and information not included in coded fields.
  • The Time of Crash, Date of Crash, Officer Name and Patrol assignment do not need to be included.


  1. V1, a pickup, was traveling in the right-hand lane of northbound SR-7 following V2, a van. V2 slowed suddenly. D1 did not notice V2 slowing in time and swerved to the right to avoid striking V2. V1 struck a tree off the right side of the road. V1 veered off the tree and proceeded to cross over the center median grass striking V3 traveling in the right-hand southbound lane injuring the driver of V1. After being struck by V1, V3 struck the curb on the right-hand side of the road, crossed over the sidewalk, and struck a pedestrian and then a light pole. V2 did not know the crash had occurred and kept on driving.
  2. V1, a firetruck returning from an emergency, was traveling west on Garden Parkway approaching the Mayberry Street underpass when a malfunction in the hydraulic system of its hook and ladder apparatus caused the ladder to raise and swing to the right of the vehicle. When V1 went under the Mayberry Street overpass the ladder and bucket struck the bottom of the bridge, breaking off the top portion of the ladder. The ladder piece struck the right front quarter panel of V2, which was following directly behind V1. V2 lost control and struck the underpass bridge abutment on the eastbound side of the road.
  3. D1 was stopped at the stop sign on the south end of the bypass road around the King’s Mine Overpass construction. Upon entering US-41 with the intention of crossing over the northbound lanes and then turning to the south, D1 failed to see V2 north­bound on US-41. V2 struck the front driver’s side of V1 causing it to spin clockwise. D1 was either unconscious or disoriented. D1 apparently had her foot on the accelerator and went approximately 1,000 feet to the north in the median and then crossed over northbound US-41. After crossing the northbound lanes, V1 started up the ramp at the King’s Mine Interchange which is currently closed for construction. V1 went head-on into the guardrail end terminal on the west side of the ramp.

Remember: Names, DOB, Lic #, badge #, criminal charges, or detailed medical info can be in the incident or arrest report, but NOT in the crash report narrative.