Supervisor Guidelines: Crash Report Review (PDF)


Download or print these resource pages for helpful reminders of the most important crash elements and how to most efficiently write a narrative.

Crash Narrative Guidelines (PDF)

Do NOT Include Any PII in Narrative

Names, DOB, Lic #, badge #, criminal charges, or detailed medical info can be in the incident or arrest report, but NOT in the crash report narrative.

Important Crash Elements (PDF)

ALL Driver, Passenger & Non-Motorist Fields Must be Completed

Safety System, Air Bag Deployed, Ejected, & Transported By must be completed for EACH person even if the response is ‘unknown’. Driver records entered as ‘PARKED’ or ‘UNKNOWN’ are exempt.

March 25, 2020 – Lt. Sonia (MSP) & Robin Riessman (UMassSafe)

March 31, 2020 – Sgt. Foley (Worcester PD) & Robin Riessman (UMassSafe)