Select the characteristic that best describes the design of the road on which this vehicle was traveling.


Indicates whether the trafficway for this vehicle is divided and whether it serves one-way or two-way traffic. A divided trafficway is one in which roadways for travel in opposite directions are physically separated by a median.


This element is used for classifying crashes as well as identifying the environment of a particular crash. It is important for guiding future trafficway design and traffic control.

Code Attribute Definition Example
1 Two-Way, Not Divided This attribute is used whenever there is no median. Generally, medians are not designed to legally carry traffic. Although gores separate roadways, and traffic islands (associated with channels) separate travel lanes, neither is involved in the determination of trafficway division.
2 Two-Way, Divided, Unprotected Medium This attribute is used for two-way trafficways that are physically divided by an unprotected median (e.g., painted median > 4ft., vegetation, gravel, trees, water, embankments and ravines that separate a trafficway). Raised curbed medians do not constitute a “positive barrier” by themselves and would be included here.
3 Two-Way, Divided, Positive Medium Barrier This attribute is used whenever the traffic is physically divided and the division is protected by any concrete, metal, or other type of longitudinal barrier (i.e. all manufactured barriers). For underpass support structures and bridge rails acting as a barrier, use this attribute.  “Traffic barrier” refers to a physical structure such as a guardrail, concrete safety barrier, cable barrier, or other structure designed to mitigate or prevent cross-median travel.  Therefore, trees, curbing, rumble strips, drainage depressions, etc. are not considered traffic barriers.
4 One-Way, Not Divided This attribute is used whenever the trafficway is undivided and traffic flows in one direction (e.g., one-way streets).
99 Unknown If this attribute is used, an explanation in the narrative is recommended.


Is a guardrail or jersey barrier considered a positive median?


Accuracy Checks

  • If Sequence of Events indicates ‘cross median/centerline’, then the Trafficway Description should not be ‘one-way’.

Data Quality Audit Results

Report Type Acceptable Inconsistent Invalid Empty
Local Police (electronic) 336 95.5% 11 3.1% 1 0.3% 4 1.1%
Local Police (paper) 344 95.3% 6 1.7% 11 3.0%
State Police (electronic) 322 96.4% 11 3.3% 1 0.3%
Total 1002 95.7% 28 2.7% 1 0.1% 16 1.5%