Record the license number, which is an alphanumeric identifier assigned by the authorizing jurisdiction (state, foreign country, U.S. government, Indian Nation, etc.).


A unique set of alphanumeric characters assigned by the authorizing agent issuing a driver license to the individual.


This element is critical to providing linkage between the crash and driver license files at the State level.



If the person is unlicensed, what should be entered?

Leave the field blank if the person is unlicensed.

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License State

Data Quality Audit Results

Report Type Complete Incomplete
Local Police (electronic) 573 92.7% 45 7.3%
Local Police (paper) 622 97.5% 16 2.5%
State Police (electronic) 584 93.7% 39 6.3%
Total 1779 94.7% 100 5.3%