Indicate whether the driver was tested for alcohol or drug use.


Indicates the presence of alcohol by test, type, and result.


Alcohol is the most prevalent drug involved in motor vehicle crashes. When a driver or non-motorist is tested, capturing this information allows a greater ability to assess alcohol involvement and the role of enforcement.

Code Attribute Definition
1 Test Not Given Indicates this person was not given a test for the detection of drugs.
2 Test Refused Indicates that this person refused to provide a specimen to be tested for the detection of drugs for a test that was requested by law enforcement.
3 Test Given Indicates that this person was given a test for the detection of drugs.
4 Unknown If Tested Indicates that it is unknown if a test was administered for the detection of drugs for this person.
99 Unknown If this attribute is used, an explanation in the narrative is recommended.

Accuracy Checks

  • If the Test Status reports ‘test given’, then Type of Test and BAC Test Result should be completed.