Enter the time as HHMM, using a valid military time between 0000-2359 (code midnight as ‘0000’).


The time (00:00-23:59) at which the crash occurred, formatted as HHMM.


The time (00:00-23:59) at which the crash occurred, formatted as HHMM.


Data Quality Audit Results

Report Type Acceptable Inconsistent Invalid Empty
Local Police (electronic) 291 83.1% 59 16.9%
Local Police (paper) 331 94.8% 18 5.2%
State Police (electronic) 1 0.3% 331 99.7%
Total 623 60.4% 408 39.6%

The Time of Crash field in the crash section of the report was the field with the second highest frequency of unacceptable information. It was deemed acceptable, in military time, in only 60 percent of the reports reviewed. While the acceptable percentages for local police reports (both electronic and paper) were relatively high, the State Police reports submitted electronically were almost all considered invalid. With further research, it was found that State Police reports were exported in the standard (AM/PM) format, rather than in military time. When compared to the findings from the 2008 audit, the percent acceptable decreased by nearly 20 percentage points, which may be due to the fact that in 2008, the use of standard time instead of military time was required for all reports.