Record the Last, First, and Middle name, respectively.


The full name of the vehicle owner, driver, passenger or non-motorist involved in the crash. For ‘vehicle’, it is the owner information listed on the registration, regardless of whether the owner is present.


This data element should be collected to facilitate linkage when names are available in the health and insurance files and to corroborate the driver’s driver license number. When possible, obtain this information from the driver license.



How do you properly record business information as the vehicle owner? Do I have to record all 4 passengers’ information in a simple crash with no injuries?

Yes, all occupants must be recorded regardless of direct involvement or injury.

Data Quality Audit Results

Report TypeCompleteIncomplete
Local Police (electronic)57392.7%457.3%
Local Police (paper)62297.5%162.5%
State Police (electronic)58493.7%396.3%

Owner Information was incomplete more often when either the owner of the vehicle was a business, or when it was a case of hit and run, and therefore, officers did not have the information and were unclear on how to document the situation.