The Massachusetts’ Registry of Motor Vehicles’ (RMV) Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL) plays a valuable role in improving crash data within the Commonwealth. A major responsibility of the LEL is, through careful review, identifying data quality issues on the officer’s end as well as within the Records Management System software itself, then communicating these issues to the appropriate agency, as well as recommending changes to processes behind crash data infrastructure.  

Donna DaVeiga, the RMV’s LEL, has been in the position since 2017, following nine years of work managing a local law enforcement agency’s records and reports division. In addition to identifying data quality issues, she also meets with Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association and other Regional Police Chiefs Associations, the Municipal Police Training Commission, the EOPSS Office of Grants and Research and Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Highway Division to identify concerns gathered from the field. This collaboration extends to assisting these institutions in sharing pertinent information with law enforcement agencies in order to support and implement highway safety initiatives, as well as RMV and MassDOT updates.   

DaVeiga collaborates with Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA’s) reporting their data manually to transition them to electronic submissions, assisting them with improvements to overall reporting for timeliness, completeness and quality of the crash data. She also interacts with the Record Management System (RMS) vendors to ensure their software is current and accurate in accordance with the RMV’s software and data requirements. 

Additionally, DaVeiga works with UMassSafe on several grant projects and is active in meetings related to the Massachusetts Strategic Highway Safety Plan and the Traffic Records Coordinating Committee.