If the driver and/or the car and driver left the scene, check ‘yes’.


Refers to cases where the vehicle or driver of the vehicle in transport is a contact vehicle in the crash and departs the scene without stopping to render aid or report the crash.


This element is important for uniformity, quality control, and identification purposes in reported motor vehicle crash statistics.



If there is no known information about the vehicle that Hit/Run, should the entire vehicle section be completed with ‘unknown’ entries?

In this case it’s ok to leave the fields empty.

Accuracy Checks

  • Hit/Run should not be entered for more than one vehicle in a crash; it is applicable only to the vehicle that left the scene.

Data Quality Audit Results

Report Type Acceptable Inconsistent Invalid Empty
Local Police (electronic) 11 28.2% 28 71.8%
Local Police (paper) 15 38.5% 24 61.5%
State Police (electronic) 4 57.1% 3 42.9%
Total 30 35.3% 55 64.7%

The Hit/ Run field was found to be challenging for both police types, although less so for State Police reported crashes. Officers were confused about which vehicle the Hit/Run box should be checked for, and also how to complete information for the unknown driver/vehicle.