Record ‘yes’/’no’ relative to specific vehicle in crash.


Indicates that the vehicle involved in the crash was an emergency response vehicle—such as police, ambulance, fire, or military vehicles—engaged in responding to a separate emergency incident, utilizing physical emergency signals like flashing lights and sirens, at the time of the crash.


Important for evaluating safety laws and enforcement practices.



If a civilian is responding to a personal emergency, is this applicable? No. This is for first-responders only.

Data Quality Audit Results

Report Type Complete Incomplete
Local Police (electronic) 529 88.5% 69 11.5%
Local Police (paper) 520 85.0% 92 15.0%
State Police (electronic) 609 97.9% 13 2.1%
Total 1658 90.5% 174 9.5%

Responding to Emergency is a field that was often incomplete for local police (paper and electronic) reported crashes. Law enforcement auditors indicated that when officers leave this field empty, it is an indication that the vehicle was not responding to an emergency.