Record the appropriate code for road surface conditions at the time of the crash.


The roadway surface condition at the time and place of a crash.


It is important to identify and correct high wet-surface crash locations and provide information for setting coefficient of pavement friction standards. This is critical for prevention programs and engineering evaluations.

1DryDescribes a roadway surface dry, and otherwise is not wet and not covered with water, snow, ice, sand, mud, dirt, oil, gravel, slush or another substance.
2WetDescribes a roadway surface covered with water from rain or melted snow.
3SnowDescribes a roadway surface covered with snow.
4IceDescribes a roadway surface covered with ice. This includes a roadway covered with ice from freezing rain.
5Sand, Mud, Dirt, Oil, GravelIndicates the presence of sand, mud, dirt, oil or gravel on the surface of the roadway at the crash location, not the surface type of the roadway by design.
6 Water (Standing or Moving) Describes a roadway surface that is covered with an excessive amount of water, usually attributed to flooding and typically localized.
7SlushAccumulated snow or ice that has partially melted.
97OtherIf this attribute is used, an explanation in the narrative is recommended. This would include spilled substances such as grain, wet leaves, and liquids other than those listed above.
99UnknownIf this attribute is used, an explanation in the narrative is recommended.


In some circumstances, the road surface conditions may differ from weather, such as in a tunnel or under a bridge.

Accuracy Checks

  • If the value of Road Surface is ‘dry,’ Weather Condition cannot be ‘rain’, ‘snow’, ‘sleet’, ‘hail’, or ‘freezing rain’. Note: This may not apply in unusual locations, such as a tunnel.
  • If the crash occurred between May and September, the value of Road Surface Condition should not be ‘snow’, ‘ice’, or ‘slush’.

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Data Quality Audit Results

Report TypeAcceptableInconsistentInvalidEmpty
Local Police (electronic)34798.0%72.0%
Local Police (paper)34896.9%30.8%10.3%71.9%
State Police (electronic)33099.1%20.6%10.3%