Check this box if the person you are recording was operating a moped.


A speed-limited motor-driven vehicle possessing two wheels in contact with the ground, a seat or saddle for driver/passenger, a steering handle bar, and a brake, with horsepower not exceeding 2 HP, which may be propelled by pedaling. Unlike motorcycles, a moped by definition cannot include an enclosure.


For data analysis purposes it is useful to be able to extract uncommon vehicle configurations, which likely have very different circumstances surrounding the crash.


Accuracy Checks

  • If the Moped field is checked, the Vehicle Configuration Code must also indicate ‘moped’.

Other Related Fields

Vehicle Configuration

Data Quality Audit Results

Report Type Acceptable Inconsistent Invalid Empty
Local Police (electronic) 616 99.7% 1 0.2% 1 0.2%
Local Police (paper) 640 100.0%
State Police (electronic) 617 99.0% 2 0.3% 4 0.6%
Total 1873 99.6% 3 0.2% 5 0.3%