Check this box if the person you are recording was any type of involved non-motorist.


A box to indicate if the involved person, who is not an occupant of a motor vehicle in transport, is a non-motorist. A non-motorist is any person other than a motorist or occupant of a motor vehicle (pedestrians, pedacyclists, etc.)


This element is important to properly differentiate between a non-motorist involved in a crash or a witness who was not involved.



If this box has been checked, then fields 16-18 must be complete.

Accuracy Checks

  • If the Non-Motorist Indicator Box field is complete, confirm the non-motorist check box is also indicated.

Data Quality Audit Results

The Non-Motorist Indicator Box was completed in an acceptable manner in 79 percent (33 of 42) of the reports reviewed. Although reports submitted by State Police were only deemed acceptable 50 percent (3 of 6) of the time, the total State Police reports reviewed with a NM indicator was six. This may be due to the fact that non-motorists are rarely found on state roads. Electronic and paper submissions by local police were acceptable 85 (17 of 20) and 81 percent (13 of 16) of the time, respectively. Based on the comments from the auditors, many of the unacceptable reports were due to car occupants or witnesses being recorded in the incorrect field.