Indicate the type of non-motorist involved in the crash.


The type of person involved in a crash.


It is important to know the person type for classification purposes in order to evaluate specific countermeasures designed for specific people.

Code Attribute Definition Example
1 Pedestrian This attribute indicates a person who is not an occupant of a motor vehicle in transport or a pedalcyclist was involved. This includes a person who is adjacent to the motor vehicle regardless of their actions.
2 Cyclist Refers to persons onboard a two-wheel, non-motorized cycle. Includes all persons (operator and passengers) on a bicycle.
3 Skater A person wearing in-line roller skates, roller or bladed skates or using a skateboard.
4 Train/Trolley Passenger A railway vehicle passenger. A railway vehicle is described as any land vehicle that is (1) designed primarily for moving persons or property from one place to another on rails and (2) not in use on a land way other than a railway. This would include a motor vehicle (e.g. pickup truck) specially equipped to operate on rails when in use on a railway.
97 Other This attribute is used for a variable that is not addressed by the previous attribute options. If this attribute is used, explanation in the narrative is recommended.
99 Unknown This attribute is used only when it cannot be determined which attribute is applicable for a person that is known to have not been in a motor vehicle. If this attribute is used, explanation in the narrative is recommended.

Accuracy Checks

  • If this field is complete, confirm the non-motorist check box is also indicated.
  • If Sequence of Events indicates involvement with a ‘pedestrian’ or ‘cyclist’, then at least one non-motorist person type must be entered.

Data Quality Audit Results

Report Type Acceptable Inconsistent Invalid Empty
Local Police (electronic) 16 84.2% 3 15.8%
Local Police (paper) 8 57.1% 2 14.3% 4 28.6%
State Police (electronic) 3 100.0%
Total 27 75.0% 2 5.6% 7 19.4%

The Non-Motorist Type field was completed in an acceptable way in 75 percent of the reports reviewed (27 of 36). For 19 percent (7 of 36) of the reports, this field was left empty, although the Non-Motorist indictor was complete. Electronic entries by local police had an empty Non-Motorist Type field in about 16 percent (3 of 19) of the reports reviewed, and paper entries by local police had this field empty in 29 percent (4 of 14) of the reports.