Enter a three letter abbreviation indicating the type of vehicle registration.


Indicates the type of vehicle registration and associated plate, based on vehicle type and usage.


This element is critical in providing linkage between the crash and motor vehicle registration files in order to access the motor vehicle identification number.


Code Definition
SPN School Pupil Normal
SBN School Bus Normal
BUN Bus Normal
BUV Bus Vanity
PAS Mass Animal Coalition, ALS One, Cure Breast Cancer, Bruins, Blackstone Valley, Cape Ann, Conquer Cancer, Choose Life, Cape and Island, Celtics, Fire Fighters Memorial, Fallen Heroes, Fresh and Local, Free Masons, Fish and Wildlife, Basketball Hall of Fame, Habitat and Heritage, Invest in Children, Martha’s Vineyard, New England Patriots, Nantucket Island, Olympic Spirit, Plymouth 400, Pan Mass Challenge, Welcome Home, Right Whale, Red Sox, Protect and Serve, UMass, United We Stand, White Shark, Fenway Park, Fire Fighter, Mass House Speaker, Mass House Majority Whip, Senate President, Emergency Vehicle, Honorary Consular Corps, Governors Council, U.S. Congress, House, Senate, US Senate, Disabled Parking, School Pupil Disabled, Antique, Antique Vanity, Electric Vehicle, Foreign Organization, Ham Radio Operator, Limited Use, Low Speed, Medical Doctor, News Photographer, Semi-Trailer, Disabled Vanity, USA Olympic team, Congressional Medal of Honor, Distinguished Flying Cross, Disabled Veteran, Gold Star Family Vanity Plate, Gold Star Family, Purple Heart, Legion of Valor, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Silver Star, Veteran Flag Plate, Veteran Plate, Ex-POW, Year of Manufacture
CON Commercial Electric, Hearse, Commercial Limited Use, Commercial, Commercial Vanity, Snow Removal, Commercial Farm Tractor
COV Commercial Vanity
STN Capitol Police, Fire Marshall, Metro District Commercial, Registry, State Vehicle, Environmental Police
SXN Capitol Police Motorcycle, Registry Motorcycle, State Motorcycle, Environmental Police Motorcycle, Motorcycle State Police, Transit Police Motorcycle
APR Apportioned Reserved
APV Apportioned Vanity
AMN Animal Ambulance, Ambulance
MCR Antique Motorcycle, Blue Knight, Red Knight, Motorcycle Reserved
MCS Motorcycle Gold Star Family Vanity, Motorcycle Bronze Star, Motorcycle Distinguished Flying Cross, Motorcycle Ex-POW, Motorcycle Gold Star Family, Motorcycle Limited Use, Motorcycle Legion of Valor, Motorcycle Medal of Honor, Motorcycle Purple Heart, Motorcycle Pearl Harbor, Motorcycle Silver Star, Motorcycle Veteran, Motorcycle Disabled
MCN Motorcycle Normal
MXN Motorcycle Municipal
MCV Motorcycle Vanity
PAY Year of Manufacture (Motorcycle)
MPN Moped
MVN Municipal Boston, Municipal Fire, Municipal Disabled, Municipal, Municipal Police
PAN Passenger Normal Red, Passenger Normal Green
PAR Passenger Lottery, Passenger Reserved
PAV Passenger Vanity
AHN Camper Normal
AHV Camper Vanity
AMR Ambulance Reserved
AHR Camper Reserved
COR Hearse Reserved, Commercial Reserved
MCR Motorcycle Reserved
SBR School Bus Reserved
SMR Semi-Trailer Reserved
TAR Taxi Reserved
TRR Trailer Reserved
BDN Boat Dealer Normal
FAN Farm Normal
DMN Dealer Motorcycle Normal
DLN Dealer Normal
RPN Repair Normal
OCN Owner/Contractor Normal
RPV Repair Vanity
TPN Transporter Normal
DLV Dealer Vanity
ATN Transit Authorities: Various
VPN Van Pool
TRN Trailer
TAN Taxi Limited Use, Taxi Normal

Other Related Fields

Registration State; Registration Number

Data Quality Audit Results

Report Type Acceptable Inconsistent Invalid Empty
Local Police (electronic) 611 98.9% 5 0.8% 2 0.3%
Local Police (paper) 624 98.0% 9 1.4% 2 0.3% 2 0.3%
State Police (electronic) 605 97.3% 10 1.6% 7 1.1%
Total 1840 98.0% 24 1.3% 2 0.1% 11 0.6%