Enter a three letter abbreviation indicating the type of vehicle registration.


Indicates the type of vehicle registration and associated plate, based on vehicle type and usage.


This element is critical in providing linkage between the crash and motor vehicle registration files in order to access the motor vehicle identification number.

Code Definition
PAN Passenger: Normal
PAR Passenger: Reserved
PAS Passenger: Specialty (Antique, Veteran, Environmental, Sports, Spay & Neuter, Breast Cancer, United We Stand, etc.)
PAV Passenger: Vanity
PAY Passenger: Year of Manufacture (Antique plate with year stamped; AN gets added to the beginning of plate number on registration)
CON Commercial: Normal (Plates starting with SR are for snow removal; HR for hearse)
COR Commercial: Reserved
COV Commercial: Vanity
MCN Motorcycle: Normal
MCR Motorcycle: Reserved
MCS Motorcycle: Specialty
MCV Motorcycle: Vanity
AHN Camper: Normal
AHR Camper: Reserved
AHV Camper: Vanity
AMN Ambulance: Normal (includes Animal Ambulance)
AMR Ambulance: Reserved
LVN Livery: Normal
LVR Livery: Reserved
LVV Livery: Vanity
SPN School Pupil: Normal
TAN Taxi: Normal
TAR Taxi: Reserved
TRN Trailer: Normal (not used on Camper trailers)
TRR Trailer: Reserved

Other Related Fields

Registration State; Registration Number

Data Quality Audit Results

Report Type Acceptable Inconsistent Invalid Empty
Local Police (electronic) 611 98.9% 5 0.8% 2 0.3%
Local Police (paper) 624 98.0% 9 1.4% 2 0.3% 2 0.3%
State Police (electronic) 605 97.3% 10 1.6% 7 1.1%
Total 1840 98.0% 24 1.3% 2 0.1% 11 0.6%